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About Kathy

Kathy Frankforter
Welcome to my site!

I have always had an opinion ever since I could remember.  Sometimes those opinions were not popular but they were mine.  You aren't going to please everyone and, I've always stayed true to who I am.  I believe we all have something to contribute to society.  We are all on a journey.  We continue to learn...

I started reading our local paper at the age of 9, and was interested in current events.  When I got into high school, I got involved in the Creative Writing class.  I wrote poems and short stories.  I also was an A student in English.  Math was always difficult for me.   As an adult, I started writing into "Letters to the Editor" about articles I read in the Daily Breeze, our local paper.  It was amazing to receive calls from people who read my comments/opinions in the Daily Breeze.  They appreciated me standing up for them - being a voice.    These days, I rarely write into the Breeze.  I'm a little uncomfortable when it comes to writing due to off and on "Brain Fog."     If you have the time, visit my other site called The Hidden Pain.  It's a work in progress but feel free to read what is there now.

I have many causes that I care deeply about: visible/invisible disabilities, brain injuries, animals that are neglected or abused, children who are sick w/ cancer or other illnesses, domestic violence, sexual abuse, molestation, substance abuse, mental illness, homelessness, bullying and suicide.

I have been married to a wonderful man for 30 yrs.  Tom is my rock and my best friend.  We make each other laugh - we respect each other.    I have a daughter from my first marriage and two grandchildren who I adore.   I feel blessed for given another chance and finding a man who appreciates me and vice versa.  We are both lucky!

Stop by anytime as you never know what I will be talking about.  My Life Coach, Lisa has always been my cheering section.  She has given me the strength to write and believes in me.  When you have been in an abusive relationship as I was years ago, we lose our voice.  We are controlled.  When I finally broke free of this abusive relationship - writing for me was a good thing.    I can't thank Lisa enough for rooting for me and being there when I have needed her guidance.  Leave me a reply.

This site is always being updated or cleaned up so bear with me...


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